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President | Welcoming Message

Stronger Woman, Stringer Society!
Fulfilling the Potential of
Women in Science, Engineering and Technology

On behalf of Center for Women In Science, Engineering and Technology,
I would like to welcome all of you

The keyword “Women” in the international community as well as in Korea
is no longer referred to as an effort for eliminating discrimination but has
become a necessity for improving a nation’s competitiveness of diversity as
well as for developing happier society.

Upon this request, commissioned by Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning
of Republic of Korea, the Center for Women In Science, Engineering and Tech-
nology, is to create conditions under which women can play a central role
in science and technology sectors.

WISET makes programs aim for fostering and maximizing women’s talents in
SET fields in all their life stages. Furthermore, WISET will always have its ears
Open for ideas and opinions from you all. We sincerely request for your
continued interest and participation.

Thank you.