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Aim & Vision

aim & vision

Become the World's Leading Oranizeation in Creating Valut of
Women Scientists and Engineers to contribute to the
Growth of a Science-and Technology-Based Economy

Establish a Total Support System for Women Scientists and Engineers

Create a Sustainable
Eco-system through
Domestic and Foreign
Integration, Cooperation,
Exchange, and Solidarity

Reinforce the Status as
a Total Support Center
toward Fostering and
Utilzing Women
Scientists and Engineers

Build a Global Network
Hub for Women Scientists
and Engineers

5 Core

  • Supporting an innovation system in science and engineering and policy study on
    women scientists and engineers
  • Developing expansive support measures through analysis on legislative operational
    output, policy outcomes, and related domestic and international policy studies
  • Nurturing a self-sustainable eco-system by introducing and systemizing a
    lifecycle-tailored mentoring system
  • Establishing an interdisciplinary cross-matched network among different generations
    to foster female resources in SET
  • Fostering and systemizing the utilization of a core workforce of women scientists
    and engineers